Are there people who want to make a difference in appearance after you get promoted?

One of the happiest days of all employees, of course, is the day they get promoted! There is no happiness from us when we receive the reward of working hard at night and day! But unfortunately, there are also things they have received from us, such as working with so many people .... Valentines Day Messages 2018 For example, we can not spare our family, we do not even have time to share ourselves ... Happy Valentines Day Messages 2018 The simplest question: do you remember when the hair was last painted? Or when was the last time you tapped your hair? Do not you remember? Unfortunately, you are a bit of a workaholic. So, with the rightful pride of being promoted, how about taking a little time and getting a glamorous look? Happy Valentines Day Messages As a business woman, we have a flawless appearance from the very beginning. Now is the time to reach this perfect vision! You may not have had a chance to look at your hair because you got yourself hired recently. To give life to your pale h…



The very word, Na'at(نعت) in Arabic, means'praise, deference or lauding'. While recognizing the Na'at from a comparative Arabic word, 'WASF' (وصف), eminent researcher, Ibn Atheer(ثیراابن) stated, "Na'at is the depiction of good qualities (or benefits) just, unless, else, somebody cites it, as an exemption, in negative sense; while WASF might be utilized for the two benefits and faults. (Ref. An– Nihayafea Ghareeb-ul-Hadith-wal-Athr, Ibn Atheer, cited in a commentary by Dr. Riaz Majeed; Na'at-Lughwi Mafhoom, Nuqoosh Rasool Number, altered by Muhammad Tufail, vol. X, Jan. 1984). There has been a voluminous detail on different implications, applications and subsidiaries of the word, Naat.